Pivoting In Business

Wow! Who would’ve thunk in a million years I would be transitioning in business so quickly. I started my nonprofit in 2008 providing Mentoring Services for at risk youth. I later became a Therapist. Once that happened, I soon began to do more giving back with back to school supply drives. My career as a Therapist had begun to really evolve. Life would send me back to Charlotte with my Husband’s job and I am back in a familiar land, however, with a new career. I had to find my footings.

I decided to take my 501c3 and turn it into a state licensed agency. And so I did. We became approved for Substance Use and Mental Health outpatient treatment. The agency, Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. grew rapidly. I was in love with the services, however, I was challenged with the people. Life would have it 2 years operating as an agency that I would be blessed with my daughter, Armoni. She will make an appearance at a later time. I was thrilled needless to say. However, the business as I knew it, took a backseat. It became very apparent that it was time to pivot in business. I grieved this process for almost a year.

One day a friend said to me, “Veronda, perhaps you have taken the agency as far as YOU can take it,” that comment resonated so deeply – it validated my desire to move into a new arena. My sister late confirmed this statement by saying, “People sell their businesses all the time” – yet again another validation. I was sure, it was time to transition into a bigger platform. Consulting, Coaching, and Speaking. It was very clear, so I began to build my new business – Veronda Bellamy Enterprise, the parent company to Veronda Bellamy Ministries, Bridging the Gap of America, Inc., and Brobell Trucking, LLC.

My life was taking on a new form. I felt relieved and empowered to move forward. I knew I would be able to conquer even more – not that more was the focus – but if God has given me greatness with Bridging the Gap of America, Inc., surely He will bless this new endeavor. There is a story to be told. I want to welcome you to join The Relevancy Factor, a Consulting and Coaching program for those who feel stuck in business or in their personal lives. I specialize in helping you go from stuck to unstoppable in life or business – I just happen to be a Therapist. Enjoy the video below to learn more about me. Join me here to learn more about me.

If you are thinking of pivoting in your career, I am here to assist. Schedule your discovery call with me today.