Wow! Who would’ve thunk in a million years I would be transitioning in business so quickly. I started my nonprofit in 2008 providing Mentoring Services for at risk youth. I later became a Therapist. Once that happened, I soon began to do more giving back with back to school supply drives. My career as a Therapist had begun to really evolve. Life would send me back to Charlotte with my Husband’s job and I am back in a familiar land, however, with a new career. I had to find my footings.

I decided to take my 501c3 and turn it into a state licensed agency. And so I did. We became approved for Substance Use and Mental Health outpatient treatment. The agency, Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. grew rapidly. I was in love with the services, however, I was challenged with the people. Life would have it 2 years operating as an agency that I would be blessed with my daughter, Armoni. She will make an appearance at a later time. I was thrilled needless to say. However, the business as I knew it, took a backseat. It became very apparent that it was time to pivot in business. I grieved this process for almost a year.

One day a friend said to me, “Veronda, perhaps you have taken the agency as far as YOU can take it,” that comment resonated so deeply – it validated my desire to move into a new arena. My sister late confirmed this statement by saying, “People sell their businesses all the time” – yet again another validation. I was sure, it was time to transition into a bigger platform. Consulting, Coaching, and Speaking. It was very clear, so I began to build my new business – Veronda Bellamy Enterprise, the parent company to Veronda Bellamy Ministries, Bridging the Gap of America, Inc., and Brobell Trucking, LLC.

My life was taking on a new form. I felt relieved and empowered to move forward. I knew I would be able to conquer even more – not that more was the focus – but if God has given me greatness with Bridging the Gap of America, Inc., surely He will bless this new endeavor. There is a story to be told. I want to welcome you to join The Relevancy Factor, a Consulting and Coaching program for those who feel stuck in business or in their personal lives. I specialize in helping you go from stuck to unstoppable in life or business – I just happen to be a Therapist. Enjoy the video below to learn more about me. Join me here to learn more about me.

If you are thinking of pivoting in your career, I am here to assist. Schedule your discovery call with me today.

It has been a real treat in learning how to manage a non-profit. This road has been very interesting and I have learned a lot. My non-profit, Bridigng the Gap of America, Inc. serves the families of Gaston Co, Mecklenburg Co, Anson Co, Wake Co and surrounding  areas. It is mere service to do so. We are expanding and I am looking for a bi-lingual Therapist to join our team. If that is you, please submit your resume to

Just as the picture above depicts, we have to find our way through life. Sometimes it gets very challenging but what matters is that you keep going!

Technology is very necessary in today’s society. As we go about our day-to-day activities, it is very difficult to exists without technology. My recommendation is if you are thinking of starting a business but don’t have the technology background, take a course or contact someone that can provide a turn-key opportunity for you.

Laptop computer in front of coffee shop window.

I’ve moved and my main office is now in Gastonia, North Carolina. What a real treat! In this office, I provide Counseling for dual-diagnosis, Book Publishing Consultation, Mentoring, Weekly Bible Study, Prayer, you name it is done in this office. I love my new location, if you need to schedule an appointment please do so here. I look forward to serving you.

To be ambitious is one thing but the real task is to do the work that materialize your ambitions.

We are never without direction. We all have an internal echo that guides us. We have to be intune with that echo to ensure we are making the right decisions. In order to hear the internal echo, sometimes we have to disconnect from media and spend time with those that mean the most to us doing things that we enjoy doing; and in other times, we simply just need to be alone. Wherever you fall, be sure to follow your internal compass – You won’t go wrong!